Hot Water Heater Maintenance

Here in Arizona, during the summer especially, it’s easy to forget about hot water heater maintenance. At times it’s so hot outside that even if you have your water faucet turned all the way to the cold side, hot water still comes out. Then you don’t really appreciate your hot water heater until it goes out in the middle of winter which happened to ours. So any way here’s an article on Realty Times about maintenance of your hot water heater.


Sign Up For Home Tracker – Free!

The link on the left side bar “Home Tracker” will take you to a page to sign up for your free Home Tracker account. It’s a good tool for anyone that owns property locally and resides in a different area. Or for anyone that wants to track the value of their property.

What does Home Tracker do:

  • Monitors the value of your property and sends you e-mail updates whenever the value changes
  • Help you estimate how much actual or planned improvements add to the value of your home
  • Sends community information
  • Scheduled e-mail reminders for regular or periodic home maintenance
  • Access to homeowner concierge contractor services & more.


Crime Map

I read a story in the local paper about a new web site at where you can search for crimes in your neighborhood. The site also has a means for you to give tips anonymously. So far I’ve noticed that Goodyear and Avondale are mentioned on the site. I think that anyone doing their DD on buying a house would be interested in it. So check it out at or just click the crime map screen shot image shown below.

raidsonline Crime Map