Home Warranty

We have a home warranty contract and our clothes washer broke down. It’s a Maytag HE front load. So I called our home warranty company, they sent out a repairman and we paid the service call of $65.00 or so per our contract.

The repair man looked at it and said that it needs major work and will have to be taken into the shop. So after several more days they picked it up and took it away. Finally after three or four more weeks they delivered it back and it had a different problem when we used it. So I called the warranty company back and they sent out the same guy that came the first time.

He looks at what it’s doing and says to me, “We aren’t Maytag Certified.” I’m thinking, say WHAT? So he leaves and I get another call that their sending out a different company. Meanwhile the washer started to work for some mysterious reason so I canceled that service call.

It wasn’t long and the problem came back again so it’s obviously intermittent.  I called the home warranty company again and am currently waiting for that service call. We aren’t being charged for the subsequent calls which is a good thing.

I won’t even go into the cosmetic damage that THEY did which is also annoying as well as the inconvenience of not having a washer.

So my advice is that whether you have a home warranty or not, if you have to have repairs done make sure that the repair company is certified for whatever brand it is that you’re having repaired. Something our home warranty company should have done and I will certainly do in the future.



Programmable Thermostat

When we bought our current home our cheap skate builder put in  non-programmable thermostats. One day at Home Depot I was in the plumbing department and came across their programmable thermostat section. I decided to buy one and give it a try. Guess what it is really cool. The one we bought was Honeywell and it’s a honey. Really easy to install and if you can read you can program it yourself. At first there was a technical glitch and I had to call their support and BTW their support was very responsive and hardly a wait. I gave them the code that I believe was the mac address, they reset it and bingo it’s up and running. Once it’s connected to the internet by WiFi you can login from any internet connection and set start and stop times, set alerts that go to your email, temperatures and so on.

I like Home Depot because they still give veterans a 10% discount. Lowes used to but last time I was there I was told that they discontinued it, so either that or the clerk I talked to was misinformed. In any case the hundred something dollars I spent was well worth it. Look at our energy use chart below, 2013 is before and 2014 is after. In June and July it’s getting into the 100′s .

energy 300x191 Programmable Thermostat

So if you want to lower your energy bill I highly recommend getting a programmable thermostat, that is if you don’t already have one.

I’ll be getting another one soon to replace the one upstairs.